January 7, 2017

Why Renewable Energy is Important?

The positive environmental impact is certainly one of the top reasons of the importance of renewable energy. Fossil fuels when burnt creates harmful greenhouse gas emissions that have significantly contributed to global warming phenomenon. Using renewable energy instead of fossil fuels we would significantly decrease the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions which would help prevent stronger climate change impact.

Boost to the economy in form of new jobs. The number of people employed within the renewable energy industry continues to grow, and this gives many countries an excellent option to boost their economies in this post-recession period.

Less foreign oil import. The global oil market has become extremely volatile and our dependence on oil continues to grow. With more emphasis on renewable energy and using domestic renewable energy sources instead of importing foreign oil, we would drastically improve our energy security and energy independence.

The variety of options. Renewable energy offers a variety of different options to choose from as countries can choose between sun, wind, biomass, geothermal energy, water resources, etc.

The prominent position in global politics. The global clean energy race is very important and winners in this race will experience many political as well as economic benefits in years to come.

The excellent potential of renewable energy resources. Our sun, for instance, has almost unlimited potential. Wind, geothermal, biomass – all of these sources have excellent potential to satisfy our energy needs.

Renewable energy can help in the electrification of many rural areas in developing the world. In many rural areas, renewable energy is a cheaper energy option to satisfy energy needs compared to traditional energy solutions.

So why don’t more people make the effort to do it?

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